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Sherlock AU: Vinette Robinson as Sherlock Holmes


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Last weekend BSBs Kristina and I (Ashley) attended Gillette to Brett IV, a symposium on Sherlockian adaptation held on the gorgeous campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. From start to finish, the event, hosted by the inestimable duo of Steven Doyle and Mark Gagen of Wessex Press (quick! Buy all the books!), was a joy. It was filled with chances to view and handle rare Sherlockian treasures of the artifact variety, as well as meet and renew friendships with rare Sherlockian treasures of the human variety. As is de rigueur for Sherlockian gatherings, there were erudite and witty presentations to hear, delicious meals to eat, adult beverages to drink, and engrossing conversations to hold. We packed in as much of each as was reasonable, then did more, because Holmes was not one for moderate behavior, and neither are we. That’s how I justify the fact that we ate two brunches on Sunday, one of which was attended by a pint each of mimosas, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Several attendees have already offered their own recaps of the weekend; if you’d like more details about the content of presentations, the series posted by our friends over at I Here of Sherlock Everywhere is highly recommended.  Here are my own reflections.

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A lesser-known tale about one of the most famous partnerships in crime fiction will be published next month by Walker Books in collaboration with Royal Collection Trust.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s much-loved characters, Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Dr John H Watson, are bought to life in a book measuring just 38.5 x 30 mm, an exact replica of the hand-written story created by Conan Doyle exclusively for Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House in 1922.

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I am SO pumped about finally being able to read this in the tiny original version. This is easily one of my favorite Holmes stories.


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Came home to the loveliest surprise! An envelope with the fanciest way anyone has ever written my name was waiting in my mailbox. Once I opened it, I was greeted by Lexie’s thank you card and her absolutely fantastic art. I am so excited to own one-of-a-kind sketches from Lexie’s Etsy shop! ^_^
Thank you artbylexie for your wonderful art, for now it’s safely stowed in my treasure box because I’m afraid of ruining Sherlock’s smug face, but I will find a more visible space for it soon.

Oh yey, I’m glad it arrived safely!!

There’s still stuff @ my shop, y’all. #just sayin’

Buy the things. xoxox

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Sherlock AU: It’s been a couple years but Sherlock’s time after the fall still haunts him.

Headcanon: accepted.

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This post requires more notes.

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Benedict Cumberbatch & Andrew Scott @ Bright Young Things Gala 2014 At The National Theatre

Um, Must Reblog.

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