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This is a work in progress…

- What is a podcast?

Think of it as an online radio show.  We chat, have discussions, do interviews, and occasionally even play songs.

- When did the Baker Street Babes start?

Our first episode was put on on May 27th, 2011. We “started” maybe two weeks before that. So we’ve been going over two years now.

- How many listeners do you have?

This isn’t really possible to know for sure, so we really can only estimate. For example… we’ve clocked in over 700,000 listens as of 07/11/14 with 56 episodes. Though the episodes vary in listenership (is that a word?) so… no idea. A lot of people? We’ve got over 39,000 followers on twitter and 40,000 here on tumblr so we’d like to think there’s a few thousand of you! Wishful thinking? It changes every day.

- Do you do this professionally?

Ha. We wish. No, we all have day jobs/school. This is a very time consuming hobby and it’s a labour of love, but we adore it. Though Curly is now in an MA for Radio.

- How Do I Become A Baker Street Babe?

You can read this post [HERE], but in short, we’re just a group of friends. We started the podcast because Curly wanted to and had done previous radio work, and she really just wanted to try the idea. We’re flattered at how it’s gone and that so many of you want to join us, but the fact is, there’s just no room. This isn’t to say we won’t ever have new members or hold contests to have a spot on the show for an episode, but in all honesty, to become one of “The Babes”, you’ve got to be one of our closest friends. We’re not out to be some sort of special group, it’s just what we call ourselves! (we will also take £1,000 bribes…)

- Who designed your logo? What fonts, colours, etc…

Curly took the typical Holmes silhouette and added a flip of hair, eye lashes lips, and some more gentle curves and voila, a babe! Originally it was light brown and red, but our graphic designer Liz changed the colours to #43201f and #e64326. The fonts used are Geosans Light and Wenceslas.

- Can I write for you as a guest writer?

YES! Have an idea or something you want to share? Just submit it [HERE].

- Who runs the tumblr?

It changes based on who is busy and who is free. Generally it’s Lyndsay and Kafers, but Curly jumps on a bit now and then. It’s a mystery!

- Twitter? Facebook?

Curly runs the twitter () and we all post on the facebook account [x].

- Who from the Sherlock cast/crew have you met?

We’ve interviewed  Amanda Abbington (Mary Morstan), Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper), Lara Pulver (Irene Adler), Michael Price (composer), and Joe Lidster (blog writer). Between all of us we’ve met Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brealey, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Andrew Scott, Mark Gatiss, Vinette Robinson, Joe Lidster, Michael Price, David Arnold, Una Stubbs, and Luke Newberry in person. 

- Dream interviews?

Benedict & Martin of course, but Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Jude Law, and David Burke would be epic as well!

- What is this thing about Amanda & Martin’s children?

While on set visiting Martin during Series 2 filming, a fan took an unsolicited photograph of Martin & Amanda’s children with Benedict. They never gave permission to have their children photographed and are very careful to keep them out of the public eye. They’ve asked that the photograph be taken down, but unfortunately it still recirculates ever so often. The best thing to do is to ask people to take it down citing the reasons above. Also reference THIS POST which has quotes from our interview with Amanda where we talk about this subject, DMs from her, and more information.

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