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Warning: Contains large amounts of crackiness and sadness with a sprinkling of foul language and a heaping spoonful of WTF.

The Baker Street Babes have cracked.

Project Reichenbach was born as a coping technique for tomorrows episode. Provisions, shock therapy, and ultimate defeat in dealing with the fact that The Reichenbach Fall is airing at 9PM on Sunday, January 15th whether we want it to or not.

Dear Sherlockians. You are not alone. Learn what your provisions must be. Get mentally prepared. And don’t let what happens to Curly, happen to you. Oh, and enjoy the hedgehog.

There are supplementary videos to this one that we will be posting along the rest of the day and tomorrow, as well as a Post-Reichenbach one. So keep an eye out.

The AMAZING Caitlin wrote a song for us for this… but fuck it was really damn sad… so we are going to play it for our Reichenbach episode.

You can find out more about the SHERLOCK Anniversary Meet Up on 28/01/12 at http://bit.ly/londonsham