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Operation 221B

The Believe In Sherlock Holmes campaign continues this week. Posters, pamphlets, and signs marking support and trust in the late Consulting Detective have spread throughout the London area and beyond. But one place, until now, has been naked of such support. 221B Baker Street, the home of the late Sherlock Holmes and his friend John Watson, has been neglected by the supporters of Sherlock Holmes.

Reasons why, no one can quite be sure. Perhaps it is to mark it as a memorial, or supporters are worried of drawing too much attention to the now famous door. While it is unknown if Dr. John Watson has returned to the flat, members of the “Holmesless Network” wanted him to know that they, and thousands of others, support and trust him.

Note: Yes, that is the real door used in Sherlock. No, 221B is not the real address, those are just mad photoshop skillz. We did not leave the posters up there, of course. The owner of Speedy’s thought it was brilliant, and he watched us. We put them up with blue-tack, so there is no damage, and we took them down after photographs (though some bystanders and fans snapped pictures in the interim haha).