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Goofing off in 221B

The Babes (Curly, Ardy, and Marie) were invited to join a luncheon with the head honchos of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London (Including Editors Roger & Jean Johnson, President Guy Marriot, Chairman Jonathan McCafferty, Secretary Catherine Cooke, Council Member Bob Ellis, Society Historian Nick Utechin, and their lovely significant others) plus Steve Rothman, the Editor of The Baker Street Journal, who happened to be in London for the day.

Hosted at The Sherlock Holmes Pub, we had a merry old time full of drink, food, Sherlocky things, and lots of laughs and tons of bewilderment from yours truly over being recognized and heard of by people you’ve never met. There was lots of talk of The Reichenbach Fall with theories abound, as well as excitement over the younger generations coming into the Sherlock Holmes traditional fandom. Everyone was so kind and excited and it was such a great afternoon!

If you’ve ever been to the Sherlock Holmes Pub, you know there’s a recreation of the sitting room upstairs [PHOTO]. Full of (authentic) Victorian goodies, it’s a delight to behold. Well, Roger & Jean maintain it and so we got to go in! There were a few official pictures taken, which will surely appear soonish, but Ardy & Curly basically geeked out and flailed around it, taking pictures and cooing over everything from the persian slipper to the leather boxing gloves to a business card from Professor Challenger (10 bonus points if you get the reference!)

So here are the photos Curly & Ardy took and posed for. The gents you see are Roger Johnson and Steve Rothman!


A reminder you can see Ardy’s piece of the SHAM 2012 Meet-Up where we took our epic #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK photo outside of Speedy’s [HERE] on the SHSL website.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London is open to all comers – no introduction is needed and there is no entrance examination. All that is required is an interest in Sherlock Holmes and his world, and a willingness to play the game. You can join [HERE].

The Baker Street Journal is also open to all. Want to write an essay on your favorite Sherlock Holmes character? Want ot delve deeper and look at Holmes’ drug habit or determine if John Watson was shot in the ass? Submit it to The Baker Street Journal!