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SPOILERS FOR A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA! It’s been a year and a half since The Great Game pitted Sherlock and Jim Moriarty against one another, and we finally find out how it was resolved…

BBC Sherlock’s hotly anticipated return came in with 11million viewers on New Year’s Day, and blew our minds away with Irene Adler. Join Curly, Kafers, Taylor, Marie, Turk, and Sigita as they chatter on about the episode, what they loved, what (some) hated, and how much we love Paul McGuigan… seriously Paul, marry us.

We suspect not all of you will agree with us, hell, we don’t agree with each other (which is fine!). Please talk with us on our facebook page, tumblr site, and twitter. We’d love to continue the debate.

Towards the end we get a little silly, but we’re allowed to. So deal smiley.

And let it be known, if you want to kidnap John Watson, just send a pretty girl.

Bringing this back for the USA premiere of Belgravia last night! Listen to our reactions to the episode following the original UK broadcast!