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Scintillation of Scions was tonight and we had such an amazing time. Curly spoke at the conference and we’ll be writing up on that and posting her talk (which made people CRY seriously, she’s got some magical power to do that) tomorrow. BUT look at ALL THE GOODIES! SO MANY GOODIES!

That is a Basil of Baker Street movie poster SIGNED BY EVE TITUS (the author who wrote the original stories!) RIGHT?!?!?!?!

A Collier’s ad for Sherlock Holmes returning from 1908, epic nametag of epicness, and then.. aw guys. The very sweet girls at SherlockNYC bought me a FIRST FUCKING EDITION of Basil of Baker Street. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! It’s BEAUTIFUL. The sounds I made… I was seriously rendered dumb for ages. I cannot thank them enough, it was such a surprise and unneeded but fuck if I am not cherishing it to pieces.

Taylor grabbed Les Klinger’s annotated Sherlock Holmes and TONS of books, plus one of our own prints. Jenn went on a Hounds of Baskerville binge and got various versions of it.

The Dealer’s Room was real bad for the wallet…

AGH! Guys, this event was just amazing and so flattering and touching and gyaaahhh.

But no. I made people cry. (yes, I changed from third person to first, bite me).

For the record, the title of my talk as The Validation of the Internet Fandom: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Fandom and the Age of Tumblr. It was very well received, as in people stopping me as I walked back to my seat to tell me. Multiple people. I was so touched and yeah… too many feelings at the moment. Will post it tomorrow with more pictures and delightful things. It was a beautiful day.