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Check this oooooout, this looks incredible! Remember how we all helped Steampunk Holmes to be a thing? Let’s help this make it too! Check out their indiegogo page [HERE]!


Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald

The film

Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald is a silent short film, featuring the greatest detective in the world as you have never seen him! The director, Céline Terranova, wanted to tell a story with an unusual Sherlock and a wide range of characters. Made as a homage to the silent films of the early 20th century, it will include extraordinary costumes in the steampunk style.

Our goal

We have set our goal to $10.000. It will cover the art department costs (all hand-made steampunk costumes for 10 actors + extras, makeup and hair dressing), the rent of the location, the camera department costs and the expenses of the crew.

If by any chance we raise more than this goal, then we will invest it all in the art department to have even more amazing sets and costumes!

Who is involved?


Canelle Hoppé - The Wife

Edward Daw - Sherlock Holmes

David Forde - Dr Watson

Darryl Neville - The Dandy

Tom Bonington - The Austere Man

Angus Chisholm - The Oriental Man

Helen Wilkes - The Maid

Adolfo Espina - The Butler



Writer, Producer, Director - Céline Terranova

Co-writer - Mériadec Perrin

Production Designer - Philip Higgs

Makeup Artist - Jamey-Leigh Weber

Director of Photography - Daniel Mckenzie-Cossou

First Assistant Director - Zoé Cuvillier

Production Assistant - Ryan Hogan

Production Assistant, Second Assistant Director - Miranda Bentley

Behind the Scenes Director - Alan Colegrave

No money? No problem! Help us by sharing the campaign!

We completely understand if you cannot contribute financially. But what you can do is help us spread the word! Please, share it on Facebook, Twitter, forums, fan sites, any network! The more people we touch, the more we can raise!

Find out more:

- Visit our website: www.celineterranova.com/Sherlock

- Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sherlock-Holmes-and-the-Stolen-Emerald/444649565579923

- Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StolenEmerald

- Our send us an email: stolenemerald@gmail.com