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Sherlock Holmes Fan-Fiction Writing Competition

The following content is from Annelie Wendeberg’s personal blog. Seems like a fun writing opportunity!  For more information and full rules, please visit her website right over here…

My first novel The Devil’s Grin got quite successful in a very short time and I want to return some of that unbelievable luck to other indie authors. To promote other indies and help them get noticed, I came up with the idea that next time, I’ll give one of you a piggy back ride.

To give everyone a fair chance, I started this competition for Sherlock Holmes fan fiction. You send me your first chapter; I’ll read them all and pick the winner.

Links to the ten best entries will be posted on this site.

The winner will get three more goodies: 
(A) Critique (yes, that’s a good thing) and, if wanted, a little help finishing the story.
(B) He/she can publish this first chapter in the Kindle edition of the sequel to The Devil’s Grin
(C)Advice on marketing a self-published eBook.

Important: You retain your copyrights and you publish that chapter under your name and responsibility to abide copyright laws of your work.

Why would you want to publish your first chapter in my next book?
For indie authors it’s all about visibility.
The Devil’s Grin hit the bestseller lists of Amazon US on October 16th and got stuck there (Mostly among the Top10 of British Detective Mystery eBooks, together with Laurie King’s new book Garment of Shadows and Louise Penny’s wonderful Chief Inspector Gamache series).
So, you can expect good exposure of your work with the upcoming sequel The Fall in summer 2013.

Your first chapter will be a teaser for your book, your writing will get noticed, and that’s what counts!

The competition opens on December 1st 2012 and closes on January 15th 2013, midnight (GMT).