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Here we have it, your Baker Street Babe Fandom Guide to the BSI Weekend in New York City, this year starting on January 9th. Below will be a guide to everything for the uninitiated/internet-fans, plus a few little facts and details.

There’s lots of events happening over The Weekend, some more fandom friendly than others (some are invite only, ticketed, etc) The Babes are going to be out in full force this weekend, two of us are coming over from the UK! So, we’d really love to meet a lot of you, as we mostly operate events in London! The Babes that will be at BSI Weekend are Curly, Lyndsay, Taylor, Ardy, & Kafers.

We will be live-tweeting/tumblring as much as possible, so keep an eye on our twitter and the hashtag #BSIWeekend. We hope to see a lot of you out there! And now on to the events!


Wednesday, January 9th


Thursday, January 10th


Friday, January 11th


Saturday, January 12th


Sunday, January 13th