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The photo of Benedict & Martin with Martin’s children is going around again.

Please ask nicely to have the posters remove the picture. Many times it’s (unfortunate) ignorance. Most people will get rid of it if asked. There are 700 notes on it though :(, we know that’s a lot of people, but we must do what we can.

If they won’t, please send the link of the post to tumblr support, explaining why it should be taken down. They are aware of the situation.

Need info? Here it is:

While on set visiting Martin during Series 2 filming, a fan took an unsolicited photograph of Martin & Amanda’s children with Benedict. They never gave permission to have their children photographed and are very careful to keep them out of the public eye. They’ve asked that the photograph be taken down, but unfortunately it still recirculates ever so often. The best thing to do is to ask people to take it down citing the reasons above. Also reference THIS POST which has quotes from our interview with Amanda where we talk about this subject, DMs from her, and more information.