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We are going to post many more things about BSI Weekend 2013, we promise, but first—we’ll kick off an account of the festivities the way the Weekend always begins, with the annual welcome dinner hosted by the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes!

Before the BSI began investing women into its company in 1991, ASH provided Sherlockian revelries for all regardless of gender, age, or experience.  Two of our number (Melinda and Lyndsay) are invested members of ASH (“Less Frontal Development Than I Should Have Expected” and “The Fascinating Daughter of a California Millionaire,” respectively).  But the ladies (and gentlemen!) of ASH are so very warm and welcoming that any newcomer will feel wonderfully at ease attending their monthly midtown Manhattan whiskey dinners, which are open to all and pay what you order.  For much more ASH history and information about how to join us, here is our podcast episode featuring longtime (and newly married!) ASH couple Susan Rice and T. Michelle Fromkin.

So many groups we love seeing had already arrived in NYC when the ASH Dinner commenced at O’Casey’s Irish pub that we were treated to a veritable Sherlockian Who’s Who.  The Sherlock Holmes Society of London were in evidence, as were our dear friends from the Bootmakers of Toronto, and the usual crowd of ASH and Baker Street Irregulars.  There’s no program at the ASH Dinner—just hobnob and palaver and general geeky giddiness at the prospect of the whole weekend stretching out before us like a gorgeous Sherlockian vista.  Matt Laffey of http://always1895.net was in evidence as well as many more of our friends from local get-togethers, including Becky Robare (who organized one hell of a Gaslight Gala this year) and SherlockNYC.  It was a total hug fest, with a great deal of bourbon, and a merry time was had by all.

The ASH Dinner was notable for us this year because it set an initial record (soon to be beaten, of course, following Melinda joining our crew) of Baker Street Babes occupying the same room at once.  And so here are Kafers, Taylor, Curly, Ardy and Lyndsay, all breathing the same air, from left to right.  (Photographs courtesy of the beautiful Kathryn White.)