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So last night we tweeted about collecting Sherlockian Valentines under the hashtag #221BeMine (which comes from our theme song by  , get the compendium here »  )

We can make it John “Four Continents” Watson tonight, Valentine.

And it sort of… exploded. Which is awesome! Sue Vertue’s in particular was a killer XD (For those wondering how she found the hashtag, she follows us and we were RTing like a fiend, voila).

There’s hundreds that’ve been tweeted to us and a gazillion in the tag itself, so we’ll be making a masterpost of some of our favourite right here, updating as the day goes on. But feel free to reblog this and add your own Sherlockian Valentines!

And then these assholes…

JK we love you There’s TONS more, so explore the tag and make your own!