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Song: Main Title
Artist: Henry Mancini
Album: The Adventures Of The Great Mouse Detective
Played: 715 times.

So I’m still freaking out over the fact a BSI member just GAVE me his entire Great Mouse Detective collection (including a 6ft tall Basil of Baker Street cut-out we’re not sure how to get from Philly to NYC). Like, that box is filled with an insane amount of collectible stuff, including the soundtrack CD from 1992. While you can get the soundtrack on iTunes, I’ve never seen it in physical form (though I’m sure it’s out there).

So I’ve decided, over the next few days/weeks, I’ll be uploading the songs one by one for you all to hear and bask in, because frankly, this soundtrack rocks.

It’s by Henry Mancini and I actually have some of the sheet music too now if anyone would like it and I can find a scanner big enough.

So here’s the main title sequence!