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Here’s just a taste of some of the gorgeous & hilarious goodies you can get if you contribute to the SherlockeDCC indiegogo campaign! All this art was made exclusively for SherlockeDCC.

While ticket sales (which are now sold out, omg!) covered a large chunk of the bill, it’s not covering all of it. We wanted to keep the price low so everyone and anyone could come, so, in turn, we need to fundraise and find sponsors for the party. All the money raised goes directly to SherlockeDCC, all of it. We NEED your help. There’s everything from $5 button pack perks to the $500 tier where you can get your own cardboard cutout of Sherlock & John as rendered by an artist. There’s exclusive tea from areyoutryingtodeduceme and, as you can see, there’s going to be a hilarious mini-comic written by mystradedoodles that involves Sherlock in a bikini. You KNOW you want to know how that one is going to work out.

Here’s a list of the artists involved!

So please, if you can contribute anything, we’d really REALLY appreciate it. We’re trying to raise another $3,500 in FIVE days to meet our goal. Anything and everything helps.

You can contribute at www.SherlockeDCC.com