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Click To Play: Web Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes

The English-speaking market currently has three Sherlock Holmes adaptations on our screens. The Russians have a new version… so do the Spanish… and India. It’s fairly safe to say that Sherlock Holmes is in a renaissance, and as more and more Holmesian pastiches hit the literary market and we count down the days until our favorite adaptation returns to our screens (big and/or small), one has to wonder what else has sprung up.

What about the web?

Web series have really started to be mass consumed thanks to the success of such ventures as The Guild (which is on its SIXTH season!), Video Game High School, and  The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Naturally these are only a taste of the dozens and dozens of excellent web shows out there, and with the medium gaining so much popularity (Burning Love is actually being put on TV), it was only a matter of time before we had a delicious crop of Sherlock Holmes adaptations for us to click and play.

Below are three series that are going on at the moment… well, two that are currently running and one in production. We know of another two, but they’re still in pre-production and we won’t be revealing them just yet! And before you ask, no, we aren’t doing one. Kafers & myself DID have plans for a dramedy parody of Sherlock called Femlock: It’s Sherlock But With Boobs, but we never actually got to working on it other than making a tumblr.

Anywho! Onwards!

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